I like my beer warm and my pants off.
I am Kyle.
I am a Philosophy/History double major.

Indeed, pride and anger are the left and right of my holy throne, and one does not so easily dismiss his closest allies.

In my biography they will write “here is a man who clearly needed professional help, and who clearly survived his manifold issues through sheer pride”

They say Thales was studying the stars, Theodorus, and gazing aloft, when he fell into a well; and a witty and amusing Thracian servant-girl made fun of him because, she said, he was wild to know about what was up in the sky but failed to see what was in front of him and under his feet. The same joke applies to all who spend their lives in philosophy.

—Plato (via philosophy-quotes)



Consciousness in AI is a topic which is argued by not only computer and cognitive scientists, but also philosophers. Philosophers like John Searle and Hubert Dreyfus have argued against the idea that a computer can gain consciousness. For an example, arguments like Chinese Room have been…

You shall love beyond yourselves some day! So first, learn to love. And for that you have to drink the bitter cup of your love.

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via thusspokefriedrichnietzsche)

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I hope the Hindi’s got reincarnation wrong. I’d hate doin this shit again!

You’ve gotta save yourself cuz it’s not my place to try

I wanna be the hero but I know I’m the character flawed sidekick